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Entry #1

Hi guys!~

2007-10-03 21:47:09 by Konkata

^___^ hi im new to ng town


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2007-10-03 21:51:09

enjoy your stay, i hope we make it hospitable ^_^

Konkata responds:

thx >w<b


2007-10-03 21:56:41

Try to enjoy your stay, or at least make of it what you can.

Couple things:
Avoid being too happy-cutesy anime; it comes off as too happy-cutesy anime.
Don't love movies just because they have familiar characters.
Love the Clock Crew.

That is all for now. Welcome to Newgrounds.

Konkata responds:

?? Your sentence confused me about being too happy cutesy anime


2007-10-03 21:59:14

Yea, what he said, but some of the CC is good, and some REALLY BAD.
there are many crews flying around, many of them are just spammers, especially the kitty krew, but we love them anyway (not)

PS I like your style and stuff so far, hope you make more soon!!!

Konkata responds:

>w< thank you!


2007-10-03 22:17:15

i hope you will like this place

i got a few thing to say too:
be warned that there is some VEEEEERY bad flashes
if you ain't check it search blocked(he is a moooron)
and hummm.. did you draw your picture?? 'cauz its realy nice

Konkata responds:

ya i drew my picture thank you!~


2007-10-03 22:22:24

i've forgeted!
be warn of the newground ninja!!!
(he will kill you if you try to hack newgroud)

Konkata responds:

ok good to know


2007-10-03 22:30:16


If you ever use the forums, don't say anything you would regret.


2007-10-03 22:34:35



2007-10-03 22:34:56

o.o^ greetings Konkata, hope you like your stay ;D
although beware with the mean people :o
feel free to contact me if you need help with anything XD, either by ng pm system or msn O.o, send me a message if you need it
p.s. nice chibi-neko display style o.o

Konkata responds:

thanks for the comment baout my style ^w^


2007-10-03 22:39:44

Just be careful on the NG BBS...


2007-10-03 22:40:11

Otherwise know as the NG forums.


2007-10-03 22:40:32

Well suck it up!

Konkata responds:

what? thats mean <:[


2007-10-03 22:40:56

hi hope u like it here


2007-10-03 22:46:02

Newgrounds is no easy place. We are a very elite bunch here. Only the coolest people on the internet make it to NG.

oh wait

Konkata responds:

guess im not cool enough >w<


2007-10-04 00:09:20

Hello thar! Remember not to take user's comments so seriously. Most of us are just dumb kids with nothing better to do. And remember to read the FAQ to avoid looking like an idiot! ^_^ Welcome!


2007-10-04 01:03:48


Konkata responds:

Hi Stampy ;3


2007-10-04 01:05:29


Konkata responds:

do you kiss your mommie with that mouth?? >w<;


2007-10-04 02:09:35

lawl, welcome to NG ^^, do hope you enjoy yourself, and dont take any ppl's negative comments to heart. I'll cut em in there sleep for joo :O !

Konkata responds:

thankz u!


2007-10-04 04:53:45

Hiya ^___^


2007-10-04 05:38:19

wuld you like 2 have some milk ^^ ?


2007-10-04 06:22:08



2007-10-04 08:18:26

Be careful in the portal. Sometimes people love to ruin cool animations by making crap. And do not steal any work or else you will get banned. Do not write anything in the forums and reviews If you havent read the conditions and rules. So stay safe be safe ^-^
Krazyfull Tyrannosaurus Rex (Krazy-ReX)


2007-10-04 10:30:56

beware the evil thats in the forums... err.. not really, but alot of morons post crap in there..


2007-10-04 13:26:36

hi konkoata. i hope your stay at newgrounds is well and enjoyful. beware of the spammers of newgrounds such as fat bager, F4gGOT, the kitty krew, and the star syndicates. they fucking spam your PM box with hate mail for no good reason. but yeah enjoy newgrounds. if your looking for some good games or movies look under my favorites or PM me. i would like to chat with you and be friends. ^^


2007-10-04 13:34:32

Hi. Welcome to the newgroundss hotel. 5 stars, and it is free.


2007-10-04 13:53:35

Hope you enjoy your stay!

I'm warning you, there are REALLY bad flashes on here sometimes


2007-10-04 15:38:22

Beware of the forum


2007-10-04 20:58:52

Welcome to Newgrounds!

Also, nice shirt design =D

Konkata responds:

Thank you ^3^


2007-10-21 16:14:17

Konata obviously wants to touch Yuki-Chan's tra-la-la.

With that out of the way, I hope you have a swell time here at NG :)


2007-11-24 23:29:06

i hope u die u waste of life, stealin moviez, y?, cuz u cant make f**kin s**t, yeeeeah, dats right, u hoe


2007-12-09 09:40:34

I hope you die from aids friggin fat fappin thief.


2008-01-05 14:45:14

Good afternoon Konkata-kun. I'm Mewyuki-chan :P


2008-02-06 14:28:48

fuck u